Diverse applications

m.look decorates buildings like a fine piece of clothing – inside and out. And all the while, it resists exterior influences without complaint. m.look is suitable for all applications that must adhere to the reaction to fire classification of A2-s1,d0 according to EN 13501-1, combining the desired safety with style.

Visible accents – without limits

m.look can even be used to realise design ideas in excess of 30 meters’ height. Where previously only a limited selection of materials was available in limited designs, m.look now opens up new visual worlds. With m.look, creative professionals’ ideas can now become visible reality – even at great heights!

Offer visionary solutions

Airports, train stations and other traffic nodes must provide human beings with orientation, security and protection. Planning such structures is an attractive challenge that requires inspiration and experience. m.look grows with these challenges, embarking on new paths and allowing visionary solutions.

Design spheres of life

Unobtrusive design, a pleasant atmosphere and a high degree of wellbeing are equally important in buildings that affect human beings’ lives and futures. Educational institutions, consolidated school facilities and hospitals require smart materials that take the societal value of these special places into account. m.look is one of these materials.

m.look in exterior applications

  • bracket-mounted, back-ventilated facades
  • infills for curtain walls
  • balcony cladding
  • undersides
  • covering for sandwich-panel walls
  • sliding elements
  • sun protection
  • fencing elements
  • window and door fillings
  • separable elements
  • exterior cladding for prefabricated wood elements

m.look in interior applications

  • wall cladding
  • wall and skirting protection
  • lower ceiling levels
  • dividers for offices and restrooms
  • staircase and handrail infill panels
  • stairwell and emergency exit cladding






Apartment building Max & Moritz in Munich

Rail station Česká Lípa

Wilhelmine Hospital Pav. 29 cardiology

Milaneo Center in Stuttgart

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